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Clan Clangeddin's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Clan Clangeddin

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This is the end, my only friend... [29 Oct 2003|01:54pm]

...so, guys, it's looking like it's time to throw in the towel. Currently, there are 6 of us who sign on with any regularity, those being myself, Enhydra, Aoann, Svallin, Draknal, and Eilld (who, as far as I know, are also the only people who read this board). Voair is currently just not into MMORPGs, Fyorth has a character on another server he plays more often, Grellik may or may not reactivate his account, Jennlyn is busy playing other characters, Asgis sold his account, and Decado, well, I've talked to him, and he understands.
What it comes down to, is this: Currently, we're too small to justify taking up one of the (limited) spaces in the Ormin Lange alliance. I rarely see you guys on, and most of our roleplaying happens in groups or over alliance chat anyway. As such, I am currently planning on abandoning the Clangeddin's Twin Axes "project" and jumping over to Fira af Unnir, the guild in the alliance for people whose guilds have died.
This would also allow us to escape our name, which, honestly, was a huge vote against us among alliance members when they were trying to decide whether or not to incorporate us--it was the fact that members of Ormin Lange had met and roleplayed with some of us that got us in, in spite of the joke, which, as time marches on, has worn more and more thin for me.
So, I'll be looking into what to do about guilds within the alliance, and about transferring ownership of the guild house to one of us personally so that we don't lose the money we've invested in the jump. For those who do not want to make the jump, fair enough, but I think it's the soundest decision for us. Let me stress that I am not angry at anyone for "not making Clangeddin's Twin Axes what it could be" or something like that; it's a game, there are no responsibilities to play regularly. I look forward to hearing your input.
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New Ranking System [09 Oct 2003|10:45am]

Here it is, my ideas for the new ranking system. The family hierarchy worked well, but as we try to take on members outside our immediate social group, and as we become more prominent in our alliance, I think taking on a wee bit more structure would be nice. Plus you get the fun of being promoted and having cool titles.
Help with names would be most appreciated; requirements and privileges for each Rank follow.

Rank 9: Unproven
Emblem: No; Guild Chats: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen Only; Invite/Remove: No; Promote/Demote: No
Current Clansmen at this Rank: None
These are newly-admitted members of the clan, who have an approved background and have been interviewed by the Jarl or a Huscarl. They are generally low-level (though /levelled characters will also start out here) and are working to prove themselves. Higher ranks, friendly ribbing is encouraged, but dilute it well with advice.

Rank 8: Black Sheep
Emblem: No; Guild Chat: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen Only; Invite/Remove: No; Promote/Demote: No
Current Clansmen at this Rank: None
Black Sheep are placed at this Rank as a minor punishment for minor breaches of alliance or guild rules (stuff not worth kicking ya out for). Demotion to Black Sheep is always temporary, as if it were going to be permanent, we'd just kick you out. This is Rank 8, not Rank 9, to avoid characters being shunted to Black Sheep immediately upon entry into the guild.

Rank 7: Adopted
Emblem: Yes; Guild Chat: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen Only; Invite/Remove: No; Promote/Demote: No
Current Clansmen at this Rank: Platium, Enthan, Bagnagi
Adopted Clangeddins have proven themselves. In order to prove oneself, the character must fulfill the following: Having shown dedication to the character by playing it at least semi-regularly for a month (semi-regularly being, of course, defined dependent upon the schedule of the person in question; everyone gets a little slack); and showing commitment to learning to roleplay, if not outright skill. Characters at this Rank are allowed to wear the clan arms on their cloaks and shields, but do not yet speak for the clan in alliance matters.

Rank 6: Worthy Dwarf (Help with names...)
Emblem: Yes; Guild Chat: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen/Speak; Invite/Remove: No; Promote/Demote: No
Current Clansmen at this Rank: Balganna, Torpiest, Parthen, Grignr, Fyorth, Voair, Vigrid
Worthy Dwarves have proven themselves beyond the rank of Adopted, and are now allowed to speak for the clan in the alliance. These are characters who have shown great growth in their roleplay and a solid commitment to their characters' personalities; they serve to make DAoC more enjoyable for those around them. Assisting Unproven and Adopted is encouraged, but not required.

Rank 5: (Unnamed)
Emblem: Yes; Guild Chat: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen/Speak; Invite/Remove: No; Promote/Demote: No
Current Clansmen at this Rank: Helstahd, Tursiops
These are members of the clan who have shown exemplary roleplay, and/or great commitment to the clan. Those who have committed themselves to mastering a tradeskill for the sake of the clan (and who display that commitment by reaching a minimum of 300 and climbing in said skill) are at least of this rank, if other merits do not push them farther. They are expected to begin helping the Unproven and Adopted with their advancements, as by this Rank they have proven that they know what they're doing. Characters at this Rank begin to have access to the guild hall's vault and Consignment Merchant, for purposes of furthering their crafting and assisting the clan in money matters.

Rank 4: (Unnamed)
Emblem: Yes; Guild Chat: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen/Speak; Invite/Remove: No; Promote/Demote: No
Current Clansmen at this Rank: Draknal, Eilld
Clansmen of this Rank have reached at least level 30, and play with some regularity; they are ready and willing to assist the guild, the alliance, and the realm where they can. Crafters who have reached at least 650 will be considered for this Rank, but at this Rank, the words of the dwarf are the words of the clan, and their roleplaying skills must also be at the very least good, and their personalities solidly established. Characters at this Rank will begin to be expected to assist in Calls to Arms, should they arise, even though they may be a might too young for the job; the glory gained in such an effort will speak well of them for promotion to the highest Rank.

Rank 3: (Unnamed)
Emblem: Yes; Guild Chat: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen/Speak; Invite/Remove: No; Promote/Demote: No
Current Clansmen at this Rank: Enhydra, Svallin, Aoann
Clansmen of this Rank are the crem de la crem of Clangeddin (if those terms don't clash too heavily); characters who have shown a definitive and regular commitment to the clan and to the realm. Characters at this Rank are expected to roleplay regularly with alliance members, to help younger members of the clan in whatever way possible, to roleplay and enforce roleplay rules in /b, /as, and all other public channels, and to assist the realm in whatever way is available to them (whether through crafting, realm wars, or simply being available to group with people needing to gain seasons).

Rank 2: Clan Huscarl
Emblem: Yes; Guild Chat: Listen/Speak; Alliance Chat: Listen/Speak; Invite/Remove: Yes; Promote/Demote: Yes
Current Clansmen at this Rank: None (yet)
Clan Huscarls serve as extensions of the office of the Jarl, and are hand-picked by the Jarl him- or herself from the 3rd and 4th Ranks. They are watched very carefully for breach of roleplay or abuse of their privileges, and the fall to Black Sheep is a steep one indeed. Huscarls primary jobs are to conduct interviews and deal with the promotion of clan members when the Jarl is too busy; they are except from other clan duties when performing these, with the exception of answering a Call to Arms, which is mandatory for all alliance members of appropriate power.

There, thoughts, questions, burning pokers in my eyes?
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No shit, I was there... [02 Aug 2003|04:22am]

There were thirteen.
Unlucky number. Three of us Clangeddins. Eilld, Enhydra, and myself.
For hours, we fought an uphill battle, our tactics shattered, my runes failing under the sting of acidic fog and balls of lava. Our minds became wracked with senility, and bursts of air dazed us, and yet we fought on. Some came. Some went. Even when the gods told him to leave, Enhydra worked to stay.
We had one assault, a flanking maneuver, where I summoned the spears of Odin to great effect and devastated them. The gods whispered to me; I was close to new wisdom. I need dedicate only two, perhaps three more kills to them and I would be granted new blessings, steeped in the blood of Albion and Hibernia.
Then, we could find no foes. One sylvan, who fled in panic into his realm's keep, afraid to face us. We found two Albions, and destroyed them. The blessings of the gods rang in my ears.
Enhydra made an innocent, half-joking suggestion. "Want to take the keep?"
We decided we deserved it.
I and Helrung, a fellow dwarf, kept our allies cloaked in runic shields of crystal, while he manned the ram and I cast the runes against the bowmen who plagued us from the ramparts. We were but thirteen, but the Albions had dwindled to a handful, all of them mages. And I knew from my own experience what weaknesses the ways of magic give you.
The ram splintered the first door, then the second. Within, we met with nearly no resistance, save for their bowmen; we had slain all the rest.
Upstairs, we battled Lord Weathers, chief defender of their keep. My runes bathed him in flame, to almost no avail, as he was assaulted with axe, hammer, and moon claw.
In the end, he fell. The keep was ours. We had done it with half the number most warleaders demanded before holding a siege.
And the Clangeddins were there.
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[01 Aug 2003|07:25pm]

The apps just keep rolling in...this guy showed up on Guin today, and, well...the rest of the story is in his background. Tell me what ye think.

Hail My lords,

Please let me introduce myself, I am Stewy and my brother is Caragen.
We are
new to Guinevere, and have traveled from other lands. Our Clan is
called The
Snowdwarves, we are a ancient clan that travel the worlds to learn and
trade, then take back and educate our elders about the other lands. Our
location main clans location cannot be ever discussed, it is a blood
oath we
carry to death.

My brother and I Are wondering if we could join your clan to learn and
adventure with your 22 member clan. We have read the rules and the
of the lost "twin axes". Your guild has struggled and came thru some
times, I felt it when I first talked to Hrafnir in the city of
Aeirghamm. He
caught my eye after a few local hunters started saying "dwarves are
with out a shaman" Hrafnir bolded expressed that he does not agree,
most dwarves have lived for years without magic. For that's what a most
dwarves are told to say. For I know and you fellow dwarves know, that
dwarven magics are hidden from the rest of the races. Dwarven magic's
studied for thousands of years in ancient dwarven libraries, then the
is used to help the clans and keep strength in out hearts. This
me, what Hrafnir did. I also learnt that most of your clan is within
lvl, this is another attraction, for I have just journeyed here and am
to hit 25 lvl.

If I am chosen to learn and contribute to your clan. I will bring you
leadership, high lvl of battle tactics (learnt in other worlds),
passion for
winning in battle (not sleeping like some trolls!), I bring honesty and
truth (for my age is 35), I bring a non-snobby attitude! (do not ignore
others, share friendship), I will bring you my dwarven temper, I bring
my love of nature.

My two Dwarves wanting membership are;

Stewy Snowdwarf - The skald and story teller. He is wise in the ways of
dwarves, other clans he has visited, and other races. His goal is to
every albion caster that will walk in the lands of Guinevere. He wields
axe and says sorry to no-one, cross his path with respect, or hear his

Caragen Snowdwarf - The Runemaster, has been deep into dwarven magics
his entire life. At first it scared him for it controlled him in sleep,
daytime, in everything. but he was later told by an elder that it is
and it's his soul adjusting to the spiral of magic. His goal is to
his art to be the best runemaster ever to walk, and to bring back to
Snowdwarf clan more wisdom on magics.

All that is gold may not glitter.

From [name omitted for privacy]
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A few new entrants [31 Jul 2003|06:13pm]

First off, we have some new members--Torpiest, Parthen, and Enthan are all the property of Glen's new housemate. He was let in under the "We know, he's cool" clause, and hopefully that isn't a problem; if it is, I do apologize, and will do so in person if you talk to me about it.
In similar veins, we have Platium, who is Glen's nephew, the theory being that he is a fairly innocuous addition and maybe he can learn something from us; and Vorshy, who is a complete newbie who was very interested in the guild. He is *nine*, folks, so please be aware of your language when he's about.
Then, there are our newest applicants. First is Stonecap, a Warrior, who was abandoned and raised by the Aegirhamn town healer; he is good-hearted, a little wild, but mostly very well-behaved. He has a mysterious tattoo of a hammer on his arm, and resembles the Clangeddins very strongly. We've heard the voting from most of you, let's hear the rest.
He does not have email, so I will paraphrase from the discussion with me.
First off, he played a bard to 50 on Nimue, which from what I understand is an even better server about roleplaying that Guinevere (not that that's saying a whole ton). His character is another Warrior, he's kind of a clown, but good-hearted and honorable, as he describes it, and agreed to discuss where to place him in the family later. I've heard some votes on him as well, let's hear the rest.
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The family tree [10 Jul 2003|07:08pm]

First comes Clangeddin, and then:

(Note: We will be including bios and screenshots for all active characters, updating as we can. Sorry for the half-finishednes; we're new at this. Inactive, non-dwarven characters are not shown on this roster, for size reasons and because they are unimportant, currently, to character creation.)

Clangeddin's Children
DECADO (Skald) (Inactive)
Husband to Rianalla


HRAFNIR (Runemaster, Guild Jarl)
Husband to Vigrid

KIMGI (Healer) (Inactive)

RERYN (Savage) (Inactive)
Husband(?) to Kylessi

THORHADI (Berserker) (Inactive)
Husband to Hends

Clangeddin's Grandchildren

AOANN (Healer)
Son of Reryn and Kylessi

BALGANNA (Berserker)
Son of Hrafnir and ?

EILLD (Warrior)
Son of Thorhadi and Hends

FYORTH (Thane)
Son of Decado and Rianalla

Son of Decado and Rianalla

JENNLYN (Runemaster) (Inactive)
Daughter of Reryn and Kylessi

SVALLIN (Warrior)
Daughter of Thorhadi and Hends


BROSIF (Healer)

ENHYDRA (Healer)


VOAIR (Healer)


HENDS (Huntress) (Inactive)
Wife of Thorhadi

VIGRID (Berserker) (Inactive)
Wife of Hrafnir


RIGNAK (Troll Shaman) (Inactive)
Adopted son of Hrafnir

Black Sheep

CRAMM (Kobold Hunter) (Inactive)
Son of Fyorth and ?

EREEDNA (Kobold Spiritmaster)

THANISH (Kobold Shadowblade)
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Roleplay Information [10 Jul 2003|06:18pm]

Clangeddin was a dwarven berserker of legendary skill and deed (Note: The character actually DID exist, we discovered after our founding of the guild, much to our chagrin. Ah well, they seem to be inactive anyway...). He has long since been lost to the mists of time, his whereabouts or even continued drawing of breath uncertain. Even his children, now full adults every one, and old in some cases, do not fully remember much of his existence; they tend to remain close-lipped about him, referring to themselves as the "Twin Axes" in his memory as the only way of keeping his shade around.
The clan was scattered for a long time; Thorhadi and Hrafnir, the eldest scions of Clangeddin, were in retirement after a long adventuring career. The realm war brought them back out of the tavern, in theory forming the leadership of the clan; however, the war-battered condition of Thorhadi's brain, and the peculiar nature of Hrafnir's "wisdom" caused the leadership to fall firmly on the shoulders of their younger sister, Kimgi. Eventually, the brothers and sisters managed to reunite, along with some of their children. The clan threw itself full force into adventuring and, later, the realm war, with Kimgi at the helm. Members of the clan long thought lost, or in some case, never before seen, made their presences known. Clandeddin seemed to poised to become, once again, a household name.
Not too long afterward, strife began to brew in the clan. Thorhadi's wife, Hends, reappeared, none too happy about she and Svallin having been left in the forest, not abandoned but simply forgotten. Kylessi, the wife of long-lost Reryn (possessed of more than one pseudonym in an attempt to avoid her), also reappeared, along with Decado's wife, Rianalla. Around this time, Kimgi made her exit, handing the power of clan Jarl over to Decado, who was newly focused on his wife--and making sure that she didn't find out about the "book" in which his romantic conquests were detailed. As if this were not difficult enough, Vigrid, the short-tempered if sweet wife of Hrafnir, also came onto the scene, not too long before a young kobold named Ereedna came seeking the tutelage of "Master Hrafnir," with perhaps more than arcane studies in mind... (Note: Seriously, we roleplayed this stuff out. We refer to this phase as "As Midgard Turns.") Reryn appeared again, as well, following Kelgor, one of the new Valkyn gods--which upset Hrafnir for reasons he has yet to fully divulge.
Shortly hereafter, Clan Clangeddin again went through a diaspora. Decado and Rianalla disappeared from the scene, presumably in wedded bliss somewhere; Hrafnir took an unannounced vacation to what he calls "The Gallows Lands"; Thorhadi, we presume, wandered off and got lost again. The clan crumbled; only a few remained to find a young cousin named Brosif. The days were dark; the price of arcanium went into the basement, though this is likely unconnected.
Hrafnir returned from the Gallows Lands to find things in shambles. In a fit of pique, he took up the Jarlship, and has vowed to rebuild the clan. He, with the help of Aoann, is searching to regain all of Clangeddin's blood he can--and to make the daisy-eaters and tin cans of the enemy realms again quake with fear of Clangeddin's Twin Axes.
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Rules of the Guild [10 Jul 2003|05:28pm]

These are the ground rules for entry into Clangeddin's Twin Axes, and behavior once there. I really hate to be so stratified, if this seems boring please believe we're really great fun once you get in! Or it has been for us, at least.

We want roleplayers, not pure hack n' slashers. We're happy to help out newbies in any way we can, several of us are actually very experienced, and if we don't know what we're talking about we'll refer you to guild members who do!

1) Character submissions should be emailed to the guild email, clangeddinz@yahoo.com. Submissions must include proposed name (of course it could change), class, and a brief biography. This can just be a few sentences explaining how you're related to the Clangeddins and a basic sketch of the character's personality. Some advice on this:
a) We are a light-hearted roleplay group for the most part, but we have our serious and sometimes creepy moments, so being prepared for that is a big bonus. Somewhat light-hearted concepts are also allowable, but do not go too over the top. See our roleplay information for the basic stuff you need to know to write a biography.
b) We are currently only accepting dwarf characters; there are kobolds and (currently inactive) Norsemen and trolls in the guild, but these were special cases, and we are considering creating a second, allied guild in which such characters will be housed. If we do not do this, non-dwarf characters may be again acceptable once the clan has gotten a little bit more meat on its bones, as it were.
c) If you wish your character to be the child of a currently active player, you may submit such a background, but it can only be done with the specific approval of that character (in addition to normal voting). If you wish to be the child of an inactive character, you may have this status be unconfirmed but suspected, but it will never be confirmed in-game until the inactive character becomes active. Your character may also be a cousin of the clan at no extra charge, or can be looking to join a new clan after having been exiled from their old one or lost to the realm war, or whatever else you can think of.
d) Classes we need: Currently, the guild has a serious dearth of runemasters, skalds, and hunters. Any variety of tank is also well-received right now (we're mostly healers). Concept comes before tactics, but if you are waffling about classes these would be most definitely appreciated.

Once your character is submitted, give us about a week. The guild will all look over your background and vote on it. If there is a majority vote in approval of your character concept, with no strong dissenting opinions, you will be allowed in provisionally. Votes will be tallied no more than one week after your submission; any guild members who have not voted before then will have given up their vote (Note: this is to be fair to waiting players, not to be a Nazi about time limits, no-one will be held at fault for missing a vote).
After that's all said and done, your character must meet in-game with either Hrafnir, Aoann, or a pre-approved other character, for an "interview." This is a little bit of roleplay involving the "discovery" of the lost clanmate and the subsequent meeting. Unless you turn out to be an absolute chump at this stage--talk OOC more than IC, espouse offensive OOC ideologies (racist, sexist, mass-murderer, velvet Elvis painter), insult the player, etc.--you will be invited in. If, for background reasons, you would prefer someone besides Hrafnir or Aoann be your "discoverer," say so in your submission and we will consider it, discuss it with you via email, and give that person's rank temp invite powers to do the interview. You'll then be invited in, and promoted to the rank appropriate to your relation to the clan.

We're here to have a good time, to group together, realm together, and roleplay in between the fighting and the crafting and the bidness and the nubbage. We're overall a laid-back group, and are willing to deal with "off-color" scenes, comments, jokes, etc. But it's possible to go too far. Please, be reasonable. Think Monty Python as a gauge of about the worst we get. Ren & Stimpy is appropriate on long, lonely nights of levelling, as well. So, that said, there are some ground rules here. We don't WANT to punish anyone, I *hate* telling people "No" or having to deal with drama explosions during my play time. But these have to be here, so we can ensure that we, as friends and fellow DAoCers, continue to enjoy the guild.

1) If a player is intrusively OOC in the /guild channel, which we DO use for roleplaying, we will warn them and even possibly, if it's bad, demote them to Rank 8: Black Sheep, the in-game reasoning being that they were "babbling like a madman, and not even because the gods made them do it!" They will not be kicked out for this unless it is REALLY bad; I feel no need to set a limit on how many warnings can be given. (Note: Sometimes we just aren't in an RP mood, or need to communicate things OOC, and that's fine. We all have our off-days; DAoC shouldn't become a chore. Use your better judgment.)

2) The following are grounds for being booted out of the guild if the offense continues after a warning:
a) Sexual harassment of guild members
b) Refusal to discontinue a roleplay scene that makes guild members uncomfortable.
c) Abuse of promote/demote privileges.
(Note: If the character is "leaving" for roleplay reasons, you are welcome to request a demotion/promotion to Rank 8: Black Sheep, if you'd like to be able to continue to roleplay with us. You do not have to actually quit the guild.)

2) The following are grounds for removal from the guild, no warnings allowed.
a) Threatening a guild member (you will also be reported to Mythic).
b) Forcing guild members to participate in scenes we consider sick, disgusting, or otherwise seriously objectionable. (ditto)
c) Inviting characters into the guild without first having a guild vote (we may be laxer for secondaries of established players, but in these cases you must at LEAST ask the guild if it's okay to bring in said secondary, and they WILL be removed if any "surprise" background stuff happens (Oh, yeah, and I'm secretly Clangeddin's wife! Yeah!)

That's it. Wow that was long. But necessary. I think.
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By way of introduction... [10 Jul 2003|11:59am]

...hallu. If you've come here, you've probably come here looking for information on the Dark Age of Camelot guild, Clangeddin's Twin Axes. Or we've lured you here via some other method. If you are interested in potentially joining the guild, please first move on to read our requirements for membership; you can then, as it will tell you, email the stuff we need to know to clangeddinz@yahoo.com. To prevent you from having to browse, the primary requirements before anything else are an enjoyment of roleplaying in addition to crafting/killing/realming/etc., and a sense of humor (because our roleplay is not always serious and stolid, in fact more often than not is not). If you fit that bill, and you're still interested, well, hell, go and take a looksee!

--Hrafnir Clangeddin
Odin's Runecarver
Guildmaster, Clangeddin's Twin Axes
Midgard, Guinevere Server
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